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Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by IAmFunkmeister, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. IAmFunkmeister

    IAmFunkmeister Squier Talker

    Sep 18, 2010
    Sussex, UK
    Hi Everyone,
    I've just acquired a Korean Strat, but I have no idea what model or year it is.
    It has several non-standard features, although for all I know some could be factory fitted, so I'll list them. It has;
    Roller String-Trees
    Gotoh Tuners
    a Fender Bridge
    a 3-ply BWB Scratchplate
    a small, 50's style headstock
    at least one different pickup. The wiring was redone just before I bought it, and apparently the middle pickup doesn't match the other two. It sounds much better to my ear.

    The colour is closest to Fender's Torino red, and this appears to be the original colour.
    It is rather heavy compared to other strats I've played, and the Serial Number is E1026266

    I'm new to the forums, and I don't really know too much about Squiers, so I was hoping someone could help identifying it?

  2. IronWolfe11

    IronWolfe11 Squier Talker

    Sep 11, 2010
    Alpena, MI
    Well, from the serial, I belive the E10's were from 1990 or 91, not sure tho. The roller string trees are probably aftermarket as well as the pickguard. The Tuners and bridge are possibly factory. Can't really say much more with no pics tho..
  3. IAmFunkmeister

    IAmFunkmeister Squier Talker

    Sep 18, 2010
    Sussex, UK
    Thanks IronWolfe, I'm uploading pictures now...
    If you need any others, let me know.

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  4. Acidhouse

    Acidhouse Squier-holic

    Sep 16, 2010
    Birmingham . . . Alabama
    With the exception of the pickup it sounds all original to me. E10s featured the black roller string trees and the tuners shoud say Fender with the little gotoh symbol on them. The color is right as well. E10 dates vary. Could be as old as '87 or made in the 90s.
  5. morbo

    morbo New Member

    Dec 10, 2010
    I know this is an old post, but...

    I have the same guitar with an E10 serial... the only thing that looks out of place is the 3 ply pick-guard.

    -Same black plastic trees.
    -Mine originally had the same fender stamped saddles, I replaced mine with Graph Tech String Saver saddles.
    -Same Gotoh branded tuners, no Fender markings on them.
    -Mine came stock with a 1-ply pick-guard, which matches the 50's theme of the guitar.
    -I seem to remember there being something on the guitar saying it was an 87, 88 or 89 (could have been on a sticker on the bolt-on neck plate). I bought mine used in the spring of 92 and it seemed like it had been a few years old at the time. It'd be nice to know what E10 officially means.
  6. Acidhouse

    Acidhouse Squier-holic

    Sep 16, 2010
    Birmingham . . . Alabama
    E is supposed to be for the company which I believe was Young Chang, (the piano makers). 10 is sort of an oddity because these seem to date anywhere from '87 to '91. Compare that to E9 which seems to date 88-91 and E7 which seems to date to '87. It was the startup time in Korea so things were a bit haphazzard then. At the same time, US Fender dating meant E for Eighties and then the next number reflected the year E9 would be '89, (but even US dating wasn't exact). Most of what is posted about Squier dating is conjecture and stuff that has built up from original owners through the years. Basically, we Squier owners are playing detective and creating an info base for this kind of stuff as compared to US Fenders where you can simply email consumer relations or buy a book that will tell you the answers.

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