For Sale Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet

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    Hey Squier fam, selling my Electromatic Special Jet, a real sleeper of a guitar that Gretsch should have never discontinued. They might have been smart to do so, because it undercuts all their Pro Line Dynasonic Jets sound wise, IMHO.

    I think of it as a LP Special meets Duo Jet, slab mahogany body, mahogany neck. The DeArmond 2000s (NOT 2ks) are worth 200 bucks alone. It’s a great guitar that needs a good home as I have the Dyna sound covered :)

    The guitar came to me with SAE steel bushings (which chipped the paint around it) and the stock bridge. It also came with a Bakelite/garolite handmade pickguard which I reshaped and added the Gretsch logo. The original is installed right now. I also added a chrome Gretsch tailpiece, which can be removed to return to the wraparound bridge. I’m throwing in the Faber aluminum wraparound, which I notched for a Bigsby at one point. The bridge is locked down with TonePros studs. There is a noticeable chip on the upper bout, and some minor wear here and there. Full disclosure, the Bigsby made a slight impression on the top from use, but it’s barely visible.

    The controls were also modded when I got it, I installed a 500k volume and 250k tone (quality components), with a 50s Les Paul Junior-style wiring. I think this makes it more versatile. The pickups are set-up nice and close to 11 gauge strings—it’s very raunchy, and the controls very interactive. Sounds like a Tele-Jet hybrid.

    300 plus shipping, CONUS only, includes the G-plate, TonePros studs, Faber bridge, original bridge, Bakelite pickguard.

    0E5A2D90-737F-419D-A341-A2C5385DF07C.jpeg 42BE3BC9-0B57-4CF6-B35F-693C8CCE4AC1.jpeg D22C5185-9C65-4280-9A49-B7AAEE56F64A.jpeg 09CBA142-A8D1-4BF1-829B-AAF521A408A0.jpeg 74FD2F49-8681-458D-A552-97EE090A7071.jpeg
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    Sweet lookin' axe !
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    Free shipping for the weekend only folks!
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    The only thing that sounds better than a mahogany plank loaded with P-90’s is, a plank loaded with Dynasonics!