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  1. Michael7

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    Should be able to post pics tomorrow of my latest score and first ever bass. Just want to have it around so one of my local buds and join in on some garage jams. Wanted something really cheap. Won't say too much now, but will get pics up when it is in hand.
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  2. Michael7

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    Goal was a cheapie beater that I can fix up and mess with. Found it being sold 1:15 drive from here. I took a chance and called the seller to see if he could bring it closer to me. He agreed after I said I'd give him $10 gas money. He showed up late, but he showed up! Model is actually a ME-114. Neck has some flame that I could bring out by sanding and dyeing!

    This model is pretty rare. It is salvageable and will be perfect for my purposes. I stopped at GC to buy strings, but the cheapest set was $20, so I'll get them online.

    $25 all in, plus 35 mins driving each way.

    IMG_20180915_115611348_HDR.jpg IMG_20180915_115725081.jpg IMG_20180915_144100485.jpg IMG_20180915_115704227.jpg ME-105.png
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    Sep 5, 2012
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    Hey, for $25 not bad at all! I’ve heard pretty good things about the tone on the first act p basses actually, so you may have yourself something pretty killer when you’re done. Welcome to the world of bass strings, $20 general admission lol. My personal advice, put flatwounds on it. They’re costlier up front, but you’ll never need to change them again.
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    Apr 26, 2014
    I really dig this model, when I get setup (divorce) ill eventually grab one when I can. Hows the neck, is it super chunky?
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  5. Michael7

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    The neck feels really big to me, but I'm a bass newb, so I can't really help. It did work fine when I plugged it in, even the pots did their thing.

    Already stripped it and started cleaning and refreshing. Now all the hardware is off and soaking in vinegar. Digging the flame and wear spots, but may go ahead and sand the back of the neck down and modify the head stock to prevent a crack at the tip from finding its way back to the adjacent tuner hole.

    IMG_20180915_172809681.jpg IMG_20180915_174206751.jpg
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