Fender tuning key part numbers

Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by mwmeci, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Jun 28, 2015
    Why so many part numbers and different sizes? Baffling!
    I bought the 004-7912-000 Vintage Ping for a new MIM Fender Classic Players Soft V Strat neck and had to ream the holes to get the bushings to fit even though they have smaller posts and bushings..

    099-0820-100 2 pin staggered die cast 2 long, 4 short

    003-7429-000??? 2 pin non-staggered die cast

    099-2074-000 Fender Vintage will fit 10mm conversion bushing
    Fender stamped on back. Approx .250” post

    004-7912-000 Vintage Ping on Baja Tele smaller post and bushing
    6mm post 9.2mm bushing/hole Tuner shaft measured .2365" diameter,
    Made in Taiwan (from package), won't work with conversion bushings.

    099-2040-000 Vintage MIJ, don't know specs

    From Squier or Strat talk:
    Gotoh SD91 have 6.35mm(¼”) posts and come with both 8.7mm and 9.2mm

    Read this on the net: "Although Squier also utilizes a 2-Pin configuration for many of their headstocks, these Fender 2-Pin tuners will not line up to the holes on the headstocks of Squier electric guitars with the 2-Pin configuration."
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