Crowdfunding and Fundraising is not permited at Squier-Talk

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    We have had very LONG-STANDING rules to prohibit crowdfunding and fundraising on Squier-Talk (actually all of our websites).

    We hope that folks will keep these rules in mind when posting. Here are the two most important once on this subject:

    Links to Crowdfunding campaings (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, gofundme, etc) or Crowd Donor sites (YouCaring, Crowdrise, etc) are never permitted. Please do not post these or link to them in posts or Private Messages on our website. Also, do not attempt to use our website to raise funds from our members for ANY reason.

    And Fundraising:

    You cannot use Squier-Talk to stage a contest or to request donations for any charity or for any "personal" use that you may think of. This includes posting links to sites requesting charitable donations. This includes asking people to donate money or purchase items you are selling here or elsewhere to fund needs of any kind for family, friends, neighbors, pets, other members or anyone. You cannot use Squier-Talk to stage a contest on your own for any purpose without first getting express approval from the Administrator/Owner. You cannot use Squier-Talk to have everyone vote for you in a contest in which if you win you would receive anything of value -- money, trips, equipment and any other consideration. In short, you may not use Squier-Talk for your own personal use of any kind. Keep in mind that Squier-Talk is owned by the GearTalk Network, part of SumGroup, Inc, a Texas Corporation and no member may presume to use the website for their own private purpose.​

    As an FYI, here is a link to ALL of the rules we expect members to follow here at SQ:
Thread Status:
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