CMI E200? Anyone have experience with these?

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by surfrodguitar, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. surfrodguitar

    surfrodguitar Squier-holic

    Aug 4, 2016
    Laguna Niguel
    Anyone know about these? Read that the pickups are good and has a "southern strat sound". IMG_9083.JPG
  2. ElRey67

    ElRey67 Squier-holic

    Jan 10, 2016
    Chandler, AZ
    Never heard of em, but it sure looks sweet! Kinda reminds me of a vintage Japanese Conrad or something. Interested in what kind of fret board that is......maybe it's the lighting?
    I like the black on black too.
    Tell us more......and show more pics if possible.
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  3. surfrodguitar

    surfrodguitar Squier-holic

    Aug 4, 2016
    Laguna Niguel
    Trying to get pics but no response yet. Looks cool!
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  4. jay4321

    jay4321 New Member

    Jul 7, 2018
    Hey guys, sorry I’m a year late to add anything but for the good of future internet searchers:

    This was my first guitar (in red) acquired circa 1987, and was also my second guitar (in black) after the first was destroyed. We didn’t have much money so I went around four years on this model before getting something better. And I put in a LOT of hours — there can’t be too many people with as much experience on this model than I have...

    Here’s everything I remember:

    *It’s definitely made of plywood. Saw it firsthand.
    *No pickup switch, you use the volumes for that.
    *Pickups were probably hot-ish, but I’m not sure as I had a small amp and dimed a cheap overdrive into it half the time. I am sure the the hum was insane no matter what I did - and friends guitars sounded unquestionably better into same setup including an hsh pink squier and a Kramer focus I knew well
    *the pole on the bridge jabbed me constantly when I learned to palm mute
    *the saddle was really thin and cheap
    *intonation was poor and there’s no adjusting it
    *dont remember the neck contour, but I do remember the sound of the truss rod breaking when my guitar shop made the 2nd quarter turn - they gave me the black one they had in stock to replace it and let me keep the broken one for spare parts. I was a very poor local kid and they liked me & would give me free strings for running a vacuum and sweeping up out front
    *tuners were really shaby and wore quickly on both, but I don’t think they actually broke
    *tiny - 3/4 scale and thin!
    *frets, especially on my red one, were fairly nasty
    *I would in no way recommend to anybody even as a starter guitar - did the trick for me, but that was 30 years ago when you’d have been more likely to find one in good condition
    *My opinion - not a platform for upgrading , not vintage cool, and about worthless

    That said—and why I’d bother posting all this for a trash guitar—it was my 1st guitar and I spent a lot of time on it so I’m a bit sentimental. In the fall I’m going to build a full-size/scale reproduction of it with high quality parts and hardware. Will keep the look as close as I can including the white and black pickguard pieces, headstock and body shapes, color...but a nice TOM and tailpiece, quality tuners, solid wood body, definitely a couple (single-coil sized) hum-buckers from Seymour or whoever.

    I may leave off the switch despite it being a little awkward, not decided yet.

    But anyway these come in red, white, black, and a sort of tobacco sunburst (rare). I thought I saw one in darker blue but my memory could be playing tricks or me or it could have been a repaint.

    Also there were two CMIs that made guitars and this is the one associated with Cort, in fact rhis guitar was also sold under the Cort model name. Some internet sleuthing suggests there were a couple of transitional models using different necks you might occasionally find (rare), I guess using up some leftover parts at the factory from some other model.

    So, for anybody who stumbles on this at some garage sale or online auction, I’d definitely caution against getting too carried away with “diamond in the rough” ideas, and I saw someone out there who was talking up the pickups pretty hard on some other forum too, and of course the flowery sale listing descriptions...they’re all pretty old now too so people are going that angle also...

    Bottom line, this was an import guitar manufactured as cheaply as humanly possible in every way that you can make a guitar cheap. You couldn’t have made it with much less wood (plywood at that) and about the only thing that did its job well was the tailpiece, which probably cost a buck. Can you learn on it and play it? Sure, I did, and it’s at least enough to call it a functional electric guitar and not a toy, but that’s about it. Anything over $30 too much, and even then I’d rather order some cheesesteaks delivered

    I will do my best to remember this forum when I build my project.
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