Chris Cornell is gone...

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  1. Jim Belaye

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Montréal, Canada
    I agree with you Ryan. RIP Chris Cornell :(

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  2. surfrodguitar

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    Aug 4, 2016
    Laguna Niguel
    Cornell really was one of the great rock vocalist, frontman, guitarist, songwriters of our time, for sure!
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  3. Treynor

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Dallas, TX
    Another great voice and musician has left us. And man, I loved that voice. RIP, Chris.
  4. StillSourDiesel

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    Dec 21, 2013
    I had a few friends at the show. Crazy stuff. Im.not a fan myself, but he was a talented man.
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  5. Bailey1214

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    Jan 24, 2017
    Quezon City
    Makes me sad that he took his own life. As much as we lost a vocal and all around music legend(he plays drums among his other musical talents), his family lost a husband and a father, that is a greater tragedy.

    Played my soundgarden cd so much as that was the time I just bought my first electric guitar. Played it so often(and loud) even when I slept. My room mate turned the music down, seeing as I was asleep. It actually woke me when he did that.

    RIP Chris Cornell.

    If anyone has or finds himself/herself contemplating suicide, please reach out to someone. It's never as bad as you think it is.
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  6. so1om

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    Feb 10, 2010
    I tried to put it into words earlier. I think more succinctly though I didn't care for his music and never gave him a thought, it devastates me that he took his own life.

    Reach out. People are out there and we will all do what we can.
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  7. fenderzombie

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    Nov 24, 2014
    Don't forget the other group that he formed Temple of the dog. Love Hunger Strike, with Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell singing together. Great song from 1991. Rest in peace Chris.
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  8. SoundDesign

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    I'm seeing shock and disgust expressed by people on Facebook, which just confirms that they don't get it. Like the Jim Carey quote about wishing everyone could be rich and famous so they could see it isn't the answer, some people look at the Chris Cornell's of the world and think they have it all - and in having "it all" they should be immune to depression.

    I had an acquaintance post something on Facebook urging people not to view this as a tragedy because "he took lots of drugs and alcohol". I unfollowed the guy immediately I was so disgusted...
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  9. Bailey1214

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    Jan 24, 2017
    Quezon City
    It's sad that some people just boil it down to rock star stereotypes.

    I have had the experience of working with psychiatric patients. The difference between a patient being admitted and the same patient being discharged is such a huge contrast that most people never see. It is a disease, it can be managed and treated. Chris Cornell probably drank and did drugs as a form of self medication(my opinion of course). Imagine suffering from depression. Try magnifying that by being a huge celebrity and performing on stage, amidst a sea of people who don't really know you and he has to perform being the professional that he is.
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  10. TomL

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    He wasn't really a favourite of mine, but bloody hell! I was so shocked when I found out yesterday.
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  11. late2guitar

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    Feb 5, 2016
    St. Louis area
    I'll share a story... not about Chris Cornell, but about a loss that affects me daily...

    In college, I befriended an outsider. He and I were a little old, a little too "fun loving" and we were both fish out of water. Our professors hated us for our attitudes and loved us for our minds. We wrote together a lot. He worked on poems... I wrote stories. We challenged each other. We drank together. We worked together at a big box store to pay the bills. I wasn't a fraternity guy, but my brother had been and I had a lot of frat friends. Lived with two of them... they didn't like my pal. Eventually, my writing friend and I got a place off campus and lived together, but as summer ended and fall came, our lease was up and for various reasons, we needed a new place to stay. I hate uncertainty. Found a place... he didn't have deposit money. Two weeks later, another place... he wasn't ready. It was mid July and Aug. 1, we were out. I moved back in with frat friends... not because I wanted to, but because I needed to check off finding a place to live.

    He moved in with an older professional who needed a roommate. For various reasons, the pairing was nightmarish. He and I were going to a party together one night and he called me at work. "Come on!" "Trying to wrap up here!" Got done. Went home, showered, got dressed and was walking out the door of my house. Another friend was walking up on the porch to tell me my best friend he was dead. This friend had seen the accident on the highway and got the report. He came straight for me. My deceased friend had driven his car into oncoming traffic after a fight with his girlfriend minutes after the last time I talked to him from the party. He was listening to his favorite depressing song when the car came to rest off the shoulder of the highway, his shattered body in the driver's seat... "Operator" by Jim Croce. I knew it was deliberate then.

    I called his mom and told her, offering no explanation for why other than "accident." But a few days later, I took a computer disk (remember those?) he wanted me to "have for safe keeping" from my glove compartment and read the files on it. It was most certainly deliberate. Devastated is the best way I can describe my emotions.

    The signs were there. He was depressed and he didn't pull through. I was too young and too stupid to see it. It was 24 years ago in September. I was never the same. I've moved on, but I think of him a lot. He was a kindred spirit and at the time of his death, he was my best friend.

    Not telling this story for sympathy... keep it. I've moved on and I'm OK. Just saying that some people have demons that grip them and don't let go. Chris Cornell was obviously one of them (as was Kurt Cobain). Say a prayer if you believe in that sort of thing for the families and friends left behind, but don't judge. You haven't walked in their shoes. Neither have I. Just a terrible situation for all involved.
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