Boss Katana Mk II

Discussion in 'Amp-a-ridifiers' started by TheQuietOne, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. TheQuietOne

    TheQuietOne Squier Talker

    Aug 11, 2019
    oshkosh, wi
    I see Boss released Mk II versions of their Katana amps. I was hoping they would put the original versions on clearance so I could save a few bucks. As of today on Sweetwater, GC, and Amazon, they're the same price as Mk IIs. Pretty strange.
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  2. jamndad

    jamndad Squier-holic

    Nov 23, 2013
    Bakersfield, Ca.
    Ask Sweetwater for a discount. They may surprise you. I've asked twice, successfully.
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  3. Archangelmm

    Archangelmm Squier-Meister

    Nov 26, 2017
    Valrico, Fl
    I always ask my Sweetwater sales rep what deal he can give me on the guitars or amps I buy, They usually always give between 8%-10% just for asking, I bought a Modern Player Tele on closeout and got another 8% off just for asking, they do have some bargaining room on most gear.
    The only time they won’t be able to give you a discount if you ask is if it is already heavily discounted to move the items.
    I just bought a
    Gretsch G5420TG-59 Sweetwater Exclusive in Vintage Orange, normally $899.99, their add stated:

    Limited-time Offer! - Last Day
    $200 Off!
    Purchase this Gretsch item at Sweetwater and get $200 off! The price shown reflects your savings. Effective now through October 03, 2019.

    I still asked if this was his best price out the door and he told me since this item was already discounted $200 he could not go any lower.
    It never hurts to ask for a discount.
    Got an email today from my Sweetwater rep: I just placed an order for you to lock in the $699.99 price but we are out of stock at the moment. I'll be sure to get in touch with you as soon as yours is here.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder Squier-Meister

    Feb 25, 2017
    Rhode Island USA
  5. horax

    horax Dr. Squier

    Aug 9, 2010
    colorado springs
    It should happen soon. Nobody would spend the money on an older amp if they could get a new one for the same price.
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  6. SoleilSF

    SoleilSF Squier-Meister

    Mar 1, 2019
    San Francisco
    Fender Champion 50XL vs Boss Katana 50

    @TheQuietOne, et al.

    Guess which amp these guys, both of them, like better?

    Here is a very interesting comparison, test, video:

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  7. horax

    horax Dr. Squier

    Aug 9, 2010
    colorado springs
    saw that video awhile back. Know a guy that had a Katana, sold it for the Fender, and is now selling teh Fender...but IT'S NOT SELLING. He's had it up for about 6 months online, and nobody wants it.

    Might be a matter of marketing, but even Rabea has gone full on Katana in his latest vids.
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  8. aussiebluesville

    aussiebluesville Squier-Meister

    Aug 10, 2016
  9. Angry Possum

    Angry Possum Squier-Nut

    Oct 30, 2019
    Squier Town NY
    At If you purchase from them you get rewards bucks. Its better than sweetwater IMO. Sweetwater doesnt have rewards bucks Oh looky here, 15% off on black friday.

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