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Discussion in 'V.C.'s Parlor' started by Dr Improbable, Aug 12, 2019.

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    I find that interesting. Not "wrong," mind you. But interesting.

    Facebook is my main contact with my widespread family.

    Via FB I have again been in touch with cousins, nephews, nieces, and a host more. People spread all across the country. Some I never expect to see again in the flesh, but via FB we are in regular and meaningful contact.

    Because I am a writer people who have found my writings of interest have been able to search for me on FB and I try to look at every friend request to see if there is a genuine common area of interest.

    The vast majority I do not accept (sometimes I'll write the a person message explaining why, other times not), but among those I have accepted have been people from literally all over the world, some of whom have truly become friends in the truest sense. Shared interests, and a real personal connection.

    What makes this double good is that many are so different in background from myself.

    One is a recently retired high ranking officer in the US Marines. One who also has an advanced degree in security and who had major responsibilities post 9/11 securing our nation. (I never experienced military service, so that is for me an entirely new world.) Others are engineers, artists, journalists with bi-lines on major world publications. Numerous nationalities.

    Then there is my old High School class -- the class of `64. Few were my friends then -- I was a quiet, shy, arty, kid. And several who are truly my friends now were then football stars and the like. How nice to discover now what we did not discover then -- shared interests and deep mutual respect.

    Again, it is not the numbers. It is the quality of the friendships.

    But yes, truly, to each their own.

    But then again, another "person" I speak to often each day is named Alexa. Some people find that hard to comprehend too. :D

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