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    A month ago I bought a good as new Squier Stagemaster MOdel 132-2700 HSS made in China in Sept. 99. They quit making that model in China in 5-00, but they continued making them somewhere-- and improved them substantially, or so I read. The plan was to build an instrument that would compare with one costing 4-5x as much.

    One way to tell the "newer" ones is no pickguard. I read they upgraded electronics and Pickups, maybe other stuff. Mine has a chrome Rose, good machines; I like it except the bridge humbucker is raspy, not too choice. It was right against the strings, I dropped it to an appropriate level and that helped but it is still sort of a cheap coarse sounding unit. I've seen videos of (what I think is) the newer ones seem to sound ok for the intended purpose. Does anyone have any idea who made the improved pickups, any info at all, and where can I get a rerplacement that may be similar to the newer better Stagemaster pups? Or should I scrap the idea and just start shopping for something that would be Ok, not too hot but a warm buzz, or am I just nuts?\

    Give up the whole idea and try to duplicate the HB in Jeff Becks original Fender namesake from 20 years ago?

    Fender was real nice and sent what amounts to a build sheet for my Squier including wiring dia. etc. I am impressed with their response but beyond that there is so little info I can find, it's almost like they dropped from a Martian wind surfer sled and cross bred into the general population. A ghost whispering on a Martian wind.

    Just to deepen the mystery the wiring dia shows 3 500k pots, one vol and two tone, but my unit only actually has one tone pot.?.? Of course the bucker bypasses the tone(s) altogether.

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    i'd contact Ken at Rose Pickups, he can wind you pretty much whatever you're looking for...
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    Ya I'm not coming up with much info. Like everybody else I guess, coin is rare so I'm just poking around to see what's what. Have read many good things bout Ken & others. Hoping to find something used that someone decided didn't scream enough that I might find a new home for... But who knows. Christmas is coming.
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    Is the tone too bright or too dark and muddy ?
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    what sound are you looking for?
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    Nov 29, 2010
    As mentioned, Rose pickups can be your friend. I was looking for some non-staggered vintage sounding strat pickups and the ones I found on their site were staggerd. I e-mailed them and asked if I could get them either non-staggered or set to a 9.5 radius. I got a very quick reply saying sure, no problem, either way you want them.

    I'm sure if you contact them and describe what you want they will be able to fix you up...and you can't beat their prices for quality hand wound USA pickups.