Anyone familiar with Dragonfire DFDG Prewired Strat Guard ?

Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by 12Rant, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Hey Everyone,
    I Just bought Squier Affinity Strat Pack for Xmas and I been researching on some upgrades that I'll be doing as my budget allows. I'm going to change pickguards, knobs, pickups etc. and I haven't decided to do my own wiring or buy a pre-wired pickup. I came across this David Gilmour pre-wired guard. I haven't found any forums on Dragonfire pickups and was wondering if anyone is familiar with them. Or any other recommendations you might have.
    My taste in music, varies with my mood. (CCR, Eagles,Moody Blues,Queen,Pink Floyd, Clapton,etc,etc,etc.)

    Dragonfire DFDG Prewired Strat Guard
    Wired with our DF-SA Strat set,
    EXP and BCU Effects,
    Price $130.00
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    the video demos are not impressive... maybe just bad choice of demo tunes. (have nothing to to with Gilmour)
    if you are really after pink floyd tone I think the DG20 is the way to go - I remember that not long ago they were on sale at amazon - cant recall the exact price but it was not that far from 130 bucks.
    also if you like the pink floyd - gilmour did use a regular strat at that time
    here is a link about it

    queen - may's guitar if very far from strat (or any other guitar lol )... I've heard live a strat with brian may mod's - Tri-Sonics wired the way they should etc. It sounded great...but nothing like queen :)
    I recommend this video :
    and this site

    vintage tone - there are a lot of pickups for that on the market so I'm sure the guys are going to give you some good advice.

    one more thing :
    not long ago I installed these pickups
    on affinity (they needed some routing because they are a bit fat and the affinity is a bit thin)
    I ordered them online from some chinese site (at least they were shipped from china I think...did not really care to look at the stamps) so I don't even know if they were the real thing or not - they were something like $20 or $25 (for the 3 pickups) and they sounded great ... took forever for the delivery tho
    so there are a lot of options
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    Dragonfire makes good pickups. Not great, but good...great for the money i suppose. Just keep in mind theya re active pups and actives are much much different than the standard single coils in sound...most prefer the standard singles.