Any love for Dean guitars ?

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    Last winter I went to the Dean Outlet sale that was near my house. It's a "shop" that Dean Zelinsky maintains and there was a bunch of seconds, blow outs, disco'd and damaged items.. Eh.. Still more expensive than a midline Epiphone and not near as good as quality.

    When I think Dean I think the early 80s, Triumph. I still have a box of parts and some fuzz from when my old drummer worked at Dean. The fuzz was from the ZZ Top guitars....
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    Hope she went on to something else equally fulfilling.

    I don't remember how we got discussing Luna recreating my Abstracts-era ES. But knowing me I likely proposed it. ;)

    That was back in the Summer of 2012. Luna had just finalized their next model year and we were talking about it as a possibility for the following one. (That'd would have been for 2014)

    Her last correspondence was short and sweet.

    I will seriously consider this for "Round 2" of Luna electrics and will tuck this away in the folder as well. Really appreciate the thought you have put into your response to even include marketing! I can see you are a "big picture" thinker....alas there seem to be less of them these days.​

    Life is full of "almosts." That would have been a cool one.


    As to Luna being related to Dean, I, again, am not sure of the genesis of my having that understanding. I think it was something Yvonne told me about the basis for their models. And I do know that when Jan inquired with Luna about a case for her Fauna series guitar Luna pointed her to the Dean case.


    Ps - her last words were in regard to an advertising idea I had floated. This one:

    'Twould have been SO cool!

    Proposed Luna Ad.jpg
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    Very cool details.
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