For Sale Acoustic Control Corp 150 Amp

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    SOLD! Locally.

    I have a big dilemma here. I have obtained this vintage 1969-70 Acoustic 150 amp with its original 4x12" cabinet. I have no room for it and no storage space.

    I have about $35-40 invested in it and would like to recoup that. It's in great shape. Plays well and all channels and effects work. It has a huge reverb tank that works like it should and the tremolo controls and effects work as well.

    It obviously has to be picked up. Any offers close to the above will be considered. I posted about this when I got it. Don't be put off by the dirty front grill cloth. This amp is a beast. One of the first solid state amps it is very clean. Each of the two channels has two inputs: clean and dirty. Plus a brite switch to each channel. There are collectors of these amps that would pay crazy amounts if I parted it out on eBay. I could recoup the money I put into it just by selling the aluminum knobs. But I don't do eBay.

    Those that know of me on this forum know I'm paralyzed and face much difficulties with travel and meeting arrangements. I rescued it from the trash. Maybe some on this forum can give it a home. Thanks for looking. Here are some pictures and a Craigslist address for it. Never mind the price. All offers from anyone on this forum of aquaintences will be considered.

    LetgoImg1507562840884.jpg LetgoImg1507562839049.jpg LetgoImg1507562840283.jpg LetgoImg1507562839696.jpg
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    Been along time since I've seen one of those things..They were loud..
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    Nov 16, 2011
    I wish I was close
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