1980 Gibson Sonex

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by corn, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. corn

    corn Squier-holic

    Feb 27, 2013
    San Diego
    My friend G scored this on a good trade , he left it for me to check out for a little while, we both agreed this is one hell of a fantastic sounding guitar , research say these pups are Burstbuckers which ones I don’t know . Now I am seriously considering trading something so I can keep this guitar, what do you guys think ?
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  2. Kenneth Mountain

    Kenneth Mountain Squier-Axpert

    I'd put some time on it ! ! Looks pretty sweet ! !
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  3. Luvs2yoko

    Luvs2yoko Squier-holic

    Jan 19, 2014
    I had a similar one awhile back. It was resonwood over a mahogany core. I believe the humbuckers were dirty fingers.Sounded fantastic. Bought it for 300 and sold it for 600.They are getting tougher to find.I say keep it if you can come up with a trade you won't miss.
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  4. archetype

    archetype Squier-Nut

    Oct 24, 2017
    Williamsville, NY USA
    Assuming that the pickups are the originals, if the pickups have...

    - 3 height adjustment screws, it has Velvet Brick pickups designed by Bill "Wilde" Lawence.
    - 2 height adjustment screws, it has Dirty Fingers pickups

    1980 was long before the Burstbucker was created.
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  5. drewcp

    drewcp Squier-holic

    Dec 14, 2018
    Saint Paul, MN
    I think the underdog guitars are often some of the coolest. The Sonex models don't normally fetch much around here on CL and such, but it's still a Gibson and they sound and play 97-98 percent the same as a Les Paul to me.
  6. so1om

    so1om Dr. Squier

    Feb 10, 2010
    Those were always pretty cool and a bit of a Gibson departure with along with their marauder/corvus, etc. A bit of a sleeper because they weren't taken seriously, more as a gateway to Gibson and more along the lines of a Melody Maker thought, but they were pretty decent.
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  7. snivlem

    snivlem Squier-holic

    Jan 25, 2018
  8. surfrodguitar

    surfrodguitar Squier-holic

    Aug 4, 2016
    Laguna Niguel
    Is it heavy? Hows the balance when sitting / standing?
  9. Big tuna

    Big tuna Squier-holic

    May 6, 2014
    east Tn
    Looks cool in that color.
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  10. -r3-

    -r3- Squier-Nut

    Jan 28, 2016
    NC Piedmont
    Nice! The Marceline sticker fits in well. This is one of the few guitars I've seen with 2 tone humbuckers that doesn't bug me.
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  11. corn

    corn Squier-holic

    Feb 27, 2013
    San Diego
    Yeah I remember when this first came around and when you looked at it and go ha ha Ha,,, a les Paul with a bolt on neck? What a piece of crap, that’s why they’re probably not very popular
    The weight isn’t too bad, I would say pretty standard for a les Paul it’s definitely not light but not a tanker either
    I would describe these pick ups as very clean clear articulate and some serious punch ,, you should never have a problem cutting through in any band situation with these in a guitar
  12. corn

    corn Squier-holic

    Feb 27, 2013
    San Diego
    It needs new strings on it so maybe later I will take off the PG and take some pics of what’s under the hood
  13. wildelectric

    wildelectric Squier-Meister

    Sep 23, 2016
    Western Illinois
    I've owned one in that very color, all original with the Velvet Bricks. It was a bad choice to let it go.

    Keep that one.
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  14. mb doug

    mb doug Squier-holic

    Jan 4, 2012
    Long Island
    I love those oddball Gibsons from the 70's and 80's. I have an L6-S, and an RD Artist but I'd love to find a Sonex or a Marauder to add to the fun!
  15. Robb

    Robb Squier-holic

    Jan 13, 2011
    Chertsey Canada.
    Fine axe, pickups could be Gibson Zebras too.
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  16. chingonas guitars

    chingonas guitars Squier Talker

    Aug 20, 2018
    Lakeside CA
    Here is Corn messing with the Sonex the day I got it.

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  17. Chubbles

    Chubbles Squier-Meister

    Mar 6, 2018
    Philadelphia PA
    I owned a black one years ago. I didn't bond with it. To me, the neck felt narrow (low E to high e) and it was also heavy. The body is not wood, it was synthetic. I sold it 20 years ago. I really don't remember it well.
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  18. wonkenstein

    wonkenstein Squier-holic

    Feb 3, 2017
    These are really cool guitars and because of the way Gibson built them (gee, kind of Fender-ish) and like so1om has mentioned they definitely weren't taken seriously when they came out - like he says, more of a gateway to the Gibson brand. Take a look under the hood, you won't find much that you haven't encountered in all of your Tele adventures, too. I could not tell you specifically which pickups you have. Gibson loaded in a few different ones. But you've got possibilities and the potential for easy mods (if you want) because everything is mounted right to the pick guard. Have fun Corn!
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  19. Papa Joe

    Papa Joe Squier-Axpert

    Dec 12, 2009
    Swanton Ohio
    I think I had one pass through one time back in the 80s..Dunno for sure..But it was a Gibson with a bolt on neck..I moved it along..
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  20. wonkenstein

    wonkenstein Squier-holic

    Feb 3, 2017
    You know I've always thought the L6-S was a really great guitar but never got my paws on one. If one came up at the right price I'd grab it. They are fetching good money these days. Same body shape as the L5-S but flat so you could tuck it in like a Tele, 25.5" scale with pickups and a wiring circuit designed by Bill Lawrence. Santana played one for a while. I can definitely see an L6-S and a Firebird in my future...
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