12 bar progression, jazz blues

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    Already posted these in My Music Place, but maybe they are better suited here ... comments appreciated ...

    In many of my clips I played couple of rhythm guitars and solo over click track (and bass) only, that is without listening to previous takes. Then I mix them all together ... sometimes they fit, sometimes they do not.

    This time it is a little bit different. It is 3 x 3 combination of melody/ solo lines being super imposed over different 12 bar chord progressions.

    1. My own (there is separate clip below with just these)
    2. So called "Parker changes", supposedly Charlie "Bird# Parker invented those, or something similar
    3. Standard 12 bars, plain chords, fast change ...

    Melodies/ solos:
    1. Melody I wrote to fit over progression 1. above
    2. First 12 bars of Parker's solo for Billie's bounce. Oddly enough, chords for Billies Bounce are a little bit different from "Parker changes", but whatever.
    3. My noodling, something that should fit over plain 12 bar thing.

    Click on image below for blog post: Audio only with written chord symbols


    And here are "my" chords as I played them, very similar to what I played in above clip:

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