A brand new VM Cabronita w/ Bigsby, and a Vista Series Venus.

A brand new VM Cabronita w/ Bigsby, and a Vista Series Venus.
telemaster61, Apr 5, 2014
    • Hotrodleroy
      You have some awesome guitar's also!
    • telemaster61
      Thanks, hotrodleroy, I need to get'em all together for a family pic!
    • -MKR-
      really love that venus. Cabronita is beautiful as well.
    • Squiered
      A heck of a family photo right there as it stands.
    • telemaster61
      Thanks about the fam, Squired! I'm gonna take em out for a group shot. I have a broke apart MIM strat, and an old tele, that an old friend scalloped a neck on, that need building.
    • telemaster61
      Thanks, MKR! I love the Venus. I recorded this guitar once, and it has a cool p/u configuration. It has a weird past, with the way some of it's parts disappeared, and I was able to replace them.

      The Carbronita is a cool guitar, as I'm still getting to know her. I'm gonna get a new bridge, and pickguard.
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    Apr 5, 2014
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